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Charmin is a brand of toilet paper. It’s best known advertising campaign featured “Mr. Whipple,” a fictional storekeeper.

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Charmin toilet paper is manufactured by the Proctor & Gamble company. They often provide free samples when they release a new product or launch a new advertising campaign.

Fun Facts about your Charmin Sample

The name “Charmin” was created by the Hoberg Paper Company in 1928.

An employee of the Hoberg Paper Company described the toilet paper as “charming” – which is how they say it got the name “Charmin.”

In 1932, a four roll package of Charmin was introduced.

Situated in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Hoberg changed their name to the Charmin Paper Company in 1950. They continued to produce toilet tissue, paper towels, and napkins after changing their name. In 1957, Proctor & Gamble acquired Charmin Paper company.

In most of Europe, Charmin is called “Cushelle. The mascot for Cushelle is a Koala.

In Germany, Charmin is branded as “Zewa”

The Charmin advertising campaign featured a storekeeper named “Mr. George Whipple.” Mr. Whipple would tell the customers, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!” Mr. George Whipple was played by the actor, Dick Wilson.

The Charmin packaging used to feature a baby. The baby was replaced on the packaging by the Charmin Bear in 2004.

Charlie Walker penned a country song called “Don’ Squeeze My Sharmon” inspired by the toilet tissue. It was a minor hit in 1967.

From 2004-2006 they used the slogan, “Less Is More!”

From 2006-2009 they used the slogan, “Less is even more.”

Charmin is currently offered in five varieties: Charmin Ultra Soft, Charmin Ultra Strong, Charmin Basic, Charmin Sensitive, and Charmin Chamomile.

Charmin also offers flushable wipes called “Charmin Freshmates.”