Free Tampon Samples Combo Pack from Playtex

free tampon samples

Free Tampon Samples Combo Packs

Your choice of a Playtex® Sport® Tampon/Pad or Tampon/Liner free product samples, while supplies last.

To receive your freebies by mail:

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  3. Wait for your sample to arrive!

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Here is some trivia about your Free Tampon Samples:

  • The earliest tampons were made out of wool, papyrus, and sometimes weeds.
  • They are useful for all manner of tasks that need absorbent material. For instance, they are really awesome at plugging up  a gunshot wound. (I hope you never have to use your free samples for that!) Not only would the tampon swell to fill the wound, it would absorb the blood and help to stop the bleeding.
  • In the 1940’s and 1950’s, religious leaders were concerned that using tampons would cause arousal.
  • Prior to World War II, many women used cloth diapers as menstrual pads. Luckily some inventive nurses discovered bandages worked better. 😉
  • If you had to purchase your free tampon samples, they would be taxed as a luxury purchase in many parts of the world… because it is such luxury to have a need for them, right?!?
  • Before the 1970’s, people just didn’t speak about tampons, let alone advertise free tampon samples, it was just considered taboo to speak about in public.
  • The average woman in America will use 16,800 tampons in a lifetime – its a good thing they offer free samples!
  • Modern tampons are made of polyester cord, a cotton/rayon blend, a cotton string, and polysorbate 20.
  • Tampon materials are bright white because they are bleached with chlorine bleach.
  • Tampons degrade faster than menstrual pads – although it still takes at least six months until ideal conditions for a tampon to decompose. A menstrual pad almost never decomposes, similar to disposable baby diapers.

Enjoy your free tampon samples!