Biotrue Free Sample – Contact Lens Solution

biotrue free sample

Biotrue Free Sample – Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Contact Solution

This offer for a Biotrue Free Sample is available again. You can get your freebies by mail sample of Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Contact Solution!

To receive your freebies by mail:

  1. Click below for the sample request form
  2. Select the ‘Opti-Free Express’ option
  3. Enter your mailing address
  4. Wait for your sample to arrive!

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Here is some trivia about your Biotrue Free Sample, and about contact lenses in general:

  • The first contact lenses were made of glass. To make them, the wearer had to hold still while a mold of the eye was made (while awake!) The glass lenses completely covered the eye, and were not comfortable at all.
  • Rinsing your lenses in water, or spit, is harmful to them. Always use contact lens solution, like the biotrue free sample, to keep from damaging your lenses.
  • Survey says: kids are better at taking care of their contact lenses. Adults were found to do all kinds of things that went against regular care instructions, but the children were very careful and followed the instructions for safe contact use carefully.
  • Talk about conflicting data  – one study shows that wearing your lenses at night can retard the progress of myopia (nearsightedness), however; another study says that wearing lenses to sleep, or even for a short nap, can cause redness, soreness, and even ulcers in the eye. Ouch!
  • In the United States, more than thirty million people wear contact lenses.
  • Females account for two-thirds of all contact lens wearers.
  • The first contact lenses were the “hard” type, made from plastic. These lenses were first manufactured in the United States between 1938-1940.
  • The majority of people who wear contact lenses, eighty percent, wear the “soft” contact lenses.
  • Improper cleaning of your lenses, like using water other solutions, has been linked to a higher risk of complications.
  • Your Biotrue free sample is the perfect size for your travel baggie of liquids!
  • A contact lens sits on the cornea, the outer surface of the eye that is clear.
  • If your eyes are burning, dry, or your vision is blurred while wearing contacts, you might be wearing your lenses too much.