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What is Powder 4 Paws – this free dog stuff they are giving away?

Powder 4 Paws is dehydrated carrots that you add to your dog food as a nutritional supplement.

Their website lists this free dog stuff as having the following main benefits:


  • Stops dog diarrhea
  • Contain distilled oils to help fight worms
  • Support the immune system and improve health
  • Improve the skin and coat
  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Give your dog richer, darker coat pigment
  • Easy to store, no refrigeration, no spoilage
  • Are convenient to carry on road trips
  • Contain iron and improve the metabolism of the liver and thyroid
  • Are rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber
  • Maintain gastrointestinal health and prevent disease


  • Our all natural dog food supplement assists your pet with digestion and any dog diarrhea problems they may have. California Carrots is:
  • 100% dehydrated carrots
  • Grown & Made in America
  • Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements and pro-vitamin A carotenes
  • Compliments all dog food types (kibble, canned or raw)
  • Average cost is less than $0.10 per serving
  • Your dog will love it. “California Carrots” is great for all breeds. Try it today!!!

Can my pet eat the carrots in this free dog stuff?

Dogs can eat carrots! Dogs are omnivores, and eating vegetables are safe for dogs to eat (in moderation). Feed them raw for them to chew or cooked as a reward.

In fact it’s recommended to include fresh vegetables into your dogs weight loss diet. Dogs should eat a variety of different things, including vegetables like carrots in moderation of course. Many meals even include carrots among their ingredients. Raw carrots are used as fillers and for vitamins in commercial dog food, and cooked carrots can be seen in gourmet dog treats as well as in homemade dog food tested recipes.

Some dogs are picky and won’t eat them, but many dogs just adore to eat carrots. They especially enjoy chewing on them, which can do great for their teeth considering it removes plaque. Does doggy like eating carrots?

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