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free cat food samples

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    Free Cat Food Samples
    Free Cat Food Samples

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Interesting Trivia about your Free Cat Food Samples

If humans ate in the same way as cats do, consuming large amounts of meat, protein and fat, we’d have heart disease by age 20.

If you want to feed your cat from your kitchen, cooked beef, chicken, turkey, a low-fat/low-sodium deli meats can be a great treat. Do not feed your cat raw meat, it could make them sick.

Cats can learn to manipulate their owners with meows.

A group of kittens is called a kindle.

A group of adult cats can be called a clowder, clutter, glaring, and pounce.

Cats will refuse a food they don’t like to the point of starving themselves. They don’t car that it says it is gourmet or that you got some free cat food samples and now they better eat it. 🙂

When a cat grooms another cat, or grooms a human – it is called allogrooming.

When a cat yawns, it can be like a “talk to the hand” type of gesture. It is used as a way to end confrontation.

Cats will typically sleep for twelve to sixteen hours a day.

Your cat can be toilet trained.

During a cat fight, the cat that is hissing is probably feeling more vulnerable.

If you play with your cat during the day, they will be more peaceful in the evening.

If a cat sticks it butt in your face, it is a gesture of kitty friendship.

Only 50% of cats in the world respond to catnip.

Cats drink seawater if needed to survive.