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PROFILE believes today’s man should be bold. Not necessarily in a flashy way, but a standout in any room he enters and with a subtle, humble, unforgettable and uniquely personal magnetism. That’s the worldview that inspired the brand’s debut fragrance, 18 Amber Wood. With top notes of Sicilian bergamot, pink pepper and crisp fig leaves followed by aromatic and spicy blue sage, lavender and cardamom seeds, 18 Amber Wood finishes with a base of woody back notes of sandalwood, sequoia bark and red Colorado cedar. It is a unique scent that makes a statement.


  • Top: bergamot, pink pepper, fig leaf.
  • Middle: blue sage, orris, cardamom seed, lavender.
  • Base: sandalwood, sequoia bark, red Colorado cedar.

Here is a review of 18 Amber Wood, your free fragrance sample of the day, from W Magazine:

Is Rob Lowe’s Fragrance Any Good?
An expert analysis of 18 Amber Wood, the new fragrance from the veteran actor.
March 7, 2016 1:36 PM | by Jane Larkworthy

A common axiom heard in the beauty industry these days is that the celebrity fragrances are no longer hot. So, it was with wistful yet supportive sympathy that I received Rob Lowe’s first fragrance, launching this month. Never one to beat to someone else’s drum, that Mr. Lowe.
The biggest surprise? It’s really nice. 18 Amber Wood is Lowe’s first scent under his brand, Profile. Made with notes of sandalwood, sequoia bark and Colorado cedar, the scent is understated yet sexy. Sort of like my favorite Lowe character, Sam Seaborn of The West Wing.

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