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Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee? What about a free cup of Starbucks coffee? It’s so easy to request some great Starbucks samples and get your freebie in the mail.

Whether you like it in a k-cup or the pure goodness of ground coffee brewing in the pot, requesting your Starbucks coffee sample is as easy as inputting your email address. Getting coffee samples shipped to your mailbox, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

Perhaps you enjoy a fine Sumatra blend, or the lighter “Blond” coffee. Whichever you fancy, getting a sample is easier than ever.

We here at Great Sample offers prefer to use a french press to brew our coffee, but if you use a Keurig brewer, percolator, pour-over method, or a drip coffee maker, you are sure to get a great cup-o-java. Nothing says “Good Morning” like smelling the aroma of a fine pot of coffee brewing in the morning. If you need a little more cheering up, perhaps the idea that sweet aroma is coming from your free coffee sample you got in the mail will put a spring in your step.

Starbucks coffee is a name that is recognized throughout the world. You will find a Starbucks store in every major city on the planet. Paris is known for its small coffee shops, but your will find a Starbucks in every tourist spot available. Italy is where the idea for Starbucks was conceived, yet even there you will find the ubiquitous logo in the tourist squares. It seems that Starbucks coffee can’t be avoided.

No need to travel though, just click above to request your free Starbucks samples and enjoy the coffeehouse experience in your own home.